Pontchartrain Beach
Pontchartrain Beach

Brad Thompson

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Circa 1930 The only known photo of the Clown at Pontchartrain Beach as it was originally built in 1928. This image was digitized from the original negative then printed on high quality paper. It's then laminated and framed with a grey mat. the photo is 24" x 30" the frame is 24" x 36" Buy this picture for only $175.00(free shipping) email me

Beach Stage (photo by ?)

Sky Ride (photo by Monica)

Lighthouse (photo Gene Leingang Sr)

Highwire Act (photo Gene Leingang Sr)

Taken from the Wild Maus (photo by Richard Chase)

Elvis far right on the Beach Stage (photo by?)

First entance sign

n the mid 1930's, Gene Leingang 's eye turned to photography. Intent on capturing images of life in New Orleans, he carried a camera everywhere he went . His favorite place to take pictures was at Pontchartrain Beach. He was there with his camera when it opened in 1939, and continually photographed the Beach until he was called to overseas duty. From 1942 to 1944, he photographed Paris, Berlin and other European cities, documenting the progress of World War II. These rare photos were recently discovered by his son in a box of memorabilia. Bergeron Gallery is open to the public and is showing his work.